Monday, March 23, 2015

Our home featured in D'SIGN, NET TV.

In late 2014, i was contacted by a lovely girl from NET TV who said to be interested in featuring my home in one of their programs called D'sign. I was humbled but a little unsure whether i was comfortable enough to show off my most private life to public (i don't know how those celebrities does it hahaha) and wondering if this little nest of mine is interesting enough for their audience. I thought there is nothing fancy nor extravagance about it so i took my time, not giving certainty to the crew on when they could really come to visit. 

After months of them being persistence, i finally said yes and we arranged a shooting date on mid march 2015 at home. So here's a few pictures from behind-the-scenes of the shooting day. It turned out not so bad, the presenter was very lovely, i liked her, her name is Ghina and the crew was lovely and quite helpful. So this was literally the first experience that our little house being featured on a national television show. Thank you NET TV for the opportunity!

Watch my home episode "Hunian Eklektik - D'SIGN NET TV" here, tell me what you think!