Sunday, April 14, 2013

Giving my hair what it deserves!

I have been contemplating on hair care and stumbled upon many organic brands, i'm finally calling the shots for this one. After probably 2 years of frequently using the Philip Kingsley body building shampoo and found out it has sulfates, it just broke my heart. Although it was not a mind blowing product i have used on my hair but it kinda did the job pretty well. Soon enough i found myself busy browsing and researching what could be the next big thing for my hair! 

So there were a few organic natural brands i have been eyeing on for months but did some research on them, reading reviews and you know stuff like that but this John Masters organic stood out the most. I don't know if its the sleek packaging (yes i'm a sucker for packaging! who isn't???) or the reviews that caught my attention first but so i decided to give it go. 

The first time i smelt it, it really has a strong lavender scent, it's hard to recognize that there's rosemary in it. If you are use to shampoos that smells yummy or sweet like a girly girl shampoo, you might not like this one because it has more a natural plant smell. I quite like it, it makes me feel i am not lathering my hair in chemical stuff and that i am actually giving my hair a real healthy treat. After drying my hair, my hair felt bouncier, although to be honest i haven't noticed anything massively different since i've only been using The John masters organics for about two weeks now but it's showing good signs already i'm definitely getting my hands on more of their products! What hair care do you use? Are you aware of the chemicals on your products? please share with me if you do have recommendations on organic or natural stuff that you like!

Now my hair can finally say bye bye to sulfates and parabens!

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