Monday, April 15, 2013

The infamous MICHAEL TODD True Organics

Lemme tell you something, this thang changed my life!!!!!!!!!!!

I really don't know who to thank or who i can give a big bear hug to but HOLY JESUS (ok i'm not even a christian) if there was ever one brand that blow my mind on the first impression than this is it my friend, this is it!!! i'm even all psyched up writing this blog at the moment, can you tell? (hahaha you should see my face right now i probably have stars in my eyes). I do have a few people to thank for those who have seriously recommended me this brand, some of them were my blog readers like Dewisya, Thanks love :)

So anyways, i heard good stuff about The Michael Todd's line, i heard beauty blogger raves about them and read their reviews but it didn't really intrigued me to get them up until recently my skin was itching for a good switch to a real organic thing. So i did try Origins (and yes i still love some of their products), i tried REN (bloody expensive! so much for ditching the high end brands hahaha), don't get me wrong, i still think highly of some of the organic brands i tried but nothing compare to these babies right here ya'all, i'm telling ya, i could obviously saw instant result even on the first time.

Ok, let me get into the details now, at first i was pretty disappointed that their official website doesn't ship to my country, Indonesia, but i found them on (again, such a life savior!) and i can always send them to my brother in law who lives in Washington DC as an option if i don't feel like paying that extra shipping cost you know it's a rip offfffff! So i was browsing on their official website and thinking which product should i get because as you know looking into skin care lines can be a little too overwhelming you want to try this and that but then i tried to focus with what i actually need (the official website is pretty informative which i will put the link down below) and i decided to get the honey and oat cleanser because they say this is the best for combination skin and the cranberry antioxidant because i was looking for anti aging stuff but didn't want to jump into serums yet (you know that theory, make sure the basics are good first before you make that next step).

The first time i tried the honey and oat cleanser, it felt it was tightening my skin without leaving any dry patches after it dried out and when i slathered on the cranberry antioxidant toner, that's when i felt there's some serious thing going on in my face, it felt warm at first like a warm tingling effect you just know it's working and the feeling after i was just blown away. This is it, this is my new holy grail item, i think i'll try to stick to this one (we'll see how long it last), not only it is affordable (the 210ml honey oat cleanser is $24 that's around Rp.240.000 and the 230 ml cranberry toner is $18 that's around Rp.180.000) it is organic, and if you look up at the ingredients list, usually most skin care brands first item on their ingredients list would be water (aqua) but you'll find aloe vera as their first item on the list which i think it explains everything (you can google it why aloe vera is good for your skin, i'm not gonna  start preaching here haha!).

I know probably for my fellow Indonesians can be really difficult to get a hold of these products if you do mind ordering through Amazon because it can get tricky (been there done that!), but if you are willing to risk it, i think it's worth the shot. I did send them an email asking whether they would ship to Indonesia and they promised to work on that so hopefully we can enjoy improvements on their service REAL SOON!

If you are into organic or natural skin care or thinking of switching to one, i really recommend this brand but again, i can't promise you what works for me works for you, so make sure you go out there, do your research to see which product suits you best before you decide to make any purchase, personally for me this is definitely worth the investment because these babies are legit!

If you decided to try one please let me know and if you are already please share with me which one you have and how you like it :))) I hope you enjoy reading this post     xx

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