Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My current make up removing routine

When i was asked to post a skin care routine, i wasn't sure what to share since i have never been a high maintenance with my skin care although i feel i really need put more attention to my "aging" skin (sad but trrrue). But i think for now i am quite happy with the stuff i'm currently using to wash my face and removing my daily or heavy make up at the very least. So i have these three individuals that works differently at their best (for me!), Eu thermale Avene gentle gel cleanser (for your info, i am a sucker for french pharmacy brands), Clarins instant eye make up remover and the all naturals Witch hazel toner. Personally, i don't normally wear a heavy make up on a daily basis or even sometimes i would even go bare just putting moisturizer, under eye concealer and a lip balm (ok i know that's not bare at all hahaha). On a busy day or if i have to go out i do put on make up base like BB creams and other basic stuff, i even do my brow (actually, i always do it). Every time i come home i always always always wash my face, no matter how tired i am but going to the bathroom and get cleaned up top to bottom is like religion to me, i can't stand feeling sticky and tired at the same time. 

So i still like to keep it simple, first step i put the Clarins instant eye make up remover to a cotton pad and gently wipe my eye make up, i try to do it slowly because the eye area is the thinnest most delicate part of our face skin. I actually just recently bought the Clarins eye make up remover right after my Bioderma miscellar solution had finished, reading good reviews about it i decided to give it a go and turns out okay so far it does the job and i love their new compact packaging. Second step is i wash my face with the Avene gentle gel cleanser just to make sure i get rid every last traces of make up left on my face, i probably put a like two pumps on my skin, i rub it against the palms of my hands and slowly rub it onto my face, do like a circular motion massaging it gently. I have been using the Avene gentle gel clenser for like almost two years until i realized, this stuff contains parabens. It really broke my heart because i loved it, it feels really gentle but the fact is not really that gentle if it contains parabens, you know what i mean? So i am currently on the hunt for a best replacement. I already have a few organic or natural ingredient brands in mind like Origins, La roche posay, Ren, Korres, Dermalogica etc (i'll make another blogpost for my skin care wish list) or better yet, Avene improve their formula for the Gentle gel cleanser so i don't have to switch! If you're the kind of person that don't mind parabens this works great, but if you do have others recommendation please let me know!

The last step after i make sure my face is all clean from make up i pat on Witch hazel toner to a cotton pad (this specific brand i bought it when i was in Australia but i guess you can use any brands as long as it's pure Witch hazel). Witch Hazel is made of plant, and it can cure itchy skin, stings, irritations and works amazing for other things too but most interesting is it tightens the skin and fight bacteria. That's why although i am not a toner person but i always include Witch hazel water to my skin care make up removing routine to make sure i really clean my face and pores thoroughly! As much as i love make up, but i love my skin feeling fresh and clean even more! xx

Products mentioned above and where you can get them:
3. T.N Dickinson Witch Hazel 
(If you are in Indonesia, unfortunately i don't know where to get it but you can get them on Ebay/Amazon if that helps)