Thursday, June 26, 2014

Making time. The new me!

This is 2014. I can't believe it has taken me this long, to write another post since my last one. It has been probably over a year. I have missed this blog, i have missed writing (especially about beauty and oh not to mention how many beauty updates and you tube videos i have actually missed!) . I do, i have missed writing where i don't actually give a damn if even nobody reads it! Like seriously. I can't believe how much i actually truly missed this blog until i start writing right now. 

Well, the truth is, i was in awe, flattered and moved. Some people (and most are strangers, believe it or not) that personally emailed me, contacted me, messaged me saying that they actually enjoyed reading my blog. Some of them actually read it religiously that they started buying (beauty) things that I actually liked and wrote about in my blog. They say, i should keep writing. I was like, WHAT? FOR REAL? The fact that there's real people that actually read and enjoyed my blog, now THAT feels surreal. I know it has been way too long since my last post, and believe me i have a hundred list of excuses why i had not been writing and a another million list of regrets of why i should've!

You see, so many has happened in my life over a year. Imagine that, over a year! Now i have regrets of not writing and recording that every single day of what i failed to do, of what i have achieved, of what i felt and learned. Now i want to make sure i don't add on to more days and months of missing out on my own life. They say, your life will be flashing before eyes. Only a year, but i felt i have missed a lot on writing about such good stuff. So here i am, with a whole new commitment, that i will (not just try) but START writing again. Not just for you who actually do read my blog (Can't thank you enough, by the way, you guys are such sweethearts!), but for me, for my own sake, my own sanity. 

Life has been pretty crazy for me. Crazy hectic! It is not easy being a mama, a parent to be exact. It has been bittersweet, juggling between being a full time mother and wife with endless home chores, balancing with work life to taking care of my own self. I do not get to rest like most people in this house. But i 'm pretty sure i'm not alone. I get up before everyone and sleeps after everyone. I salute all moms now. So how will i make time to write on my personal blog then? I don't know how but i will make time. My mom always say, if you don't make time, there will be no time. This is the same with every other things i have taken for granted like doing sports or even praying 5 times a day. Let's just say, now i will make time for the important things i know i will regret not doing 2 or 5 years from now. These are the simple happiness i should focus on my self more. Because now i clearly remember how writing on this blog made me so happy. It actually saved me so much. It saved my time from wandering stupid things. It saved me from worrying about things that don't happen. It saved me from my own post natal depression. It saved me from getting up again and having the courage to chase for my biggest wildest dreams. This blog, saved my life.

In 10 years from now, i want to be able to do a flash back on my blog, have a giggle and feel proud i did most of the things i always wanted to do. So here i am, finally making time to come back and write. This time, for sure, my blog will feel a little different. I will not just write and share about my beauty experience but i will also write about what i feel, think, love and learn through my ups and downs. I know that my blog will have more fun, because it makes me happy. As a start, i would like to share with you one of my biggest dream:

Thank you for reading, until my next story!