Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back with new holy grail! (Paraben Free)

Hello! i am back, it has been forever since my last blog post. Things have been crazy busy, i now focus most of my time running and growing my small home business and especially my handful 13 months daughter keeps me fully occupied. Anyways, i haven't done much testing, researching and buying much new products as i was before but i did come across some new ones that instantly became my holy grail. Some of these products has been on my wishlist and i am super stoked i could finally got my hands on them!

Make up removal: Micellar Solution BIODERMA, Sensibio H20

This baby has been on my wish list for too long! It was so hard to get my hands on them as we don't sell them on my country so i had to ask and begged (yes i begged for make up and skincare it sounds so pathetic! haha) some people to get it from overseas and Thanks to my husband who transited in Dubai from St Petersburg, he finally came home with these pack. Turns out it is definitely worth the hype, it is probably the most gentle, consistent make up removal i have ever came across. It didn't take off completely a a strong waterproof eye liner and mascara but it's lovely for everyday use which i don't normally wear any heavy eye stuff. J

Pore Primer: Etude House Pore Ever

This came out a surprise. Was just looking for an alternative of the Benefit porefessional and boy wasn't expecting this out to be even better. Hence minus the paraben and obviously it has a cuter packaging! What a catch!

Lip Balm: Nuxe Reve De Miel

I only have good things to say about this baby. I am glad it has been on my wish list and i couldn't be happier when it finally landed on my hands. I recently have very dry ugly lips that putting lipstick was a challenge, but this lover is a true savior. What i love most about this lip balm, it's extremely moisturizing i instantly fell in love with the gorgeous texture and the feel on my lips but it's not oily or shiny, as a matter of fact it gives a matte effect. How is that possible in a lip balm? hell yeah!

I was looking for a serum that i could use at night time. I didn't want anything fancy or too expensive (as you know, most serums are goddamn expensive), but i wanted something organic or natural and of course, affordable! Some minor crows feet are starting to show and what would possibly help? I came across Burt's bees ageless serum, all the written main ingredients caught my attention; it has pomegranate (which known for high antioxidant) and evening primrose oil (good for anti aging stuff). So far it may have not been showing too much difference, and i hate going to bed with that oily feel on my face so i don't really use it regularly. I think i'll give it time for a better judgement. see ya!