Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Featured in Working Mother: Our little nest

Thank you Working Mother magazine for coming to our little home, was a pleasure having you!

Photo courtesy of Working Mother 
December edition 2014
Text by: Renasta
Photograph by: Ari

Featured in Bintang Home: Our little humble abode

I must say, the first time seeing our home in a 4 pages full spread magazine was weird, unreal and pretty awesome at the same time. When i was contacted by Bintang Home, i wasn't sure whether my home was appealing enough to be featured in an article but they insisted that ours was inspiring enough. Fauzan the lovely reporter and writer was such a fun person to talk to, our conversation didn't feel like an interview, instead it was just like a casual afternoon chat. He made it so easy!

We talked about our little dream home and what does it mean to us. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, nothing too extra-ordinare, but everything in this house is our own sweat and tears. We worked really hard to buy our first house (well, thanks to my incredible husband for being able to put a roof under our heads and for meeting half way with me in decorating). We're  happy with how the article turned out. Fauzan's writing and Dani's photograph on our home was lovely! So here it is. What do you think?

Photo courtesy of Bintang Home
November edition 2014
Text by: Fauzan fadli
Photograph by: Kusumawardhani