Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why i still love BB Creams from Holika Holika

At first i thought I should've done this post ages ago during my early days raving about these two BB Creams from a korean brand Holika Holika, but this time is actually the perfect time to spill it out since it has been almost over a year since i discovered this amazing BB Cream. Around early last year i started becoming obsessed with BB Creams, i did a lot of research and went on a BB cream adventure where i read thousands of other people's reviews and tried many of them my self. The brands i've tried which mostly Korean were Lioele Dollish Veil Vita, Lioele Triple the solution spf 30, Lioele water drop spf 27, Missha Perfect Cover spf 42 , Skin79 Triple functions spf 25 (the hot pink one), and then later the western ones like Bobbi Brown spf30 and Clinique age defence spf 30. BUT, when i came across Holika Holika the Aqua Petit jelly, it wowed me! The formulation feels so simple. The reason i became obsessed with BB Creams because i'm not a foundation type of girl, the weather where i live makes it impossible to wear it during the day (and sometimes at night!), it is hot, humid and i just easily sweat under normal weather not unless when i'm in an air conditioned room(yeah i sweat easily it's so gross! hahaha). So BB creams were simply the middle ground to my needs, it has a light to medium coverage, the texture is obviously lighter than a foundation and the formula is suppose to be nourishing to your skin. So after a while hunting for the perfect BB cream for my normal to combination skin, the Holika Holika Aqua Petit jelly was like the answer to my prayers, i finally found my dream BB cream! 

Honestly i fell for the cute packaging at first but then reading other people reviews raving about this product i just had to have it! The texture feels literally like jelly, it is liquidy like it contains more water than other BB creams which is GREAT but it doesn't fall off easily, it actually glides into my skin naturally giving a smooth and slightly dewy finish (but not greasy). The light coverage feels like my own skin but makes it look A LOT BETTER! The watery texture is absolutely what i had been looking for in a BB cream, just perfect for summer or if you are like me who lives in a tropical weather then you will love this!  The bottle is a 40ml which it can lasts me up to three months if i use it constantly. The down side of this BB cream is sadly it contains parabens, which is an ironic to my switching mission to cruelty free skin products. BUUUT i still love it so much it is so hard to let go! I do hope one day Holika Holika will soon improve their Aqua petit jelly formula to a more natural cruelty free and use safer ingredients (please please please!). 

Now the second product from Holika Holika that i also absolutely adore is the Luminous silk spf 42, when the Aqua Petit Jelly is perfect for day time, i found the Luminous silk is better for night time when going out. The texture feels just a tad heavier but still light. It doesn't feel as watery as the Aqua Petit Jelly but when apply to my face it evens out my skin tone since it has a medium coverage and gives an amazing smooth finish. Unlike the Aqua petit Jelly that gives a dewy look, instead the luminous silk gives a silky matte finish which is why i love it for a night out. Another great thing about this BB cream, this one is actually paraben free! So why not make the Aqua Petit Jelly paraben free too right? Anyways, for application, both i prefer using a stippling brush because it helps gives a sheer finish that it still looks natural and i usually don't powder my face anymore after that because i'm already happy with the finish they both gives to my skin. Yess, it is that good!

I know the picture and the lighting is not the best but here's a swatch to give an idea on how the texture looks like on my skin (I am Asian with warm olive undertone and i have a normal to combination skin). 

The left one is the Aqua petit jelly, as you can see it looks lighter and jellier compare to the right one which is the Luminous Silk that's a little bit darker and heavier in texture. Most of my friends who i told about this product also loves and raves about this BB cream so i hope you do too and if you do, leave a comment down below let me know how you go about it! 

Products mentioned above and where you can get them:
1. Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly 
(if you are in Indonesia here's a legit link for you http://goo.gl/wNsM5 and if you're in the states/UK you can also get them from EBAY/amazon or online webstore sells it a lot) 
2. Holika Holika Luminous Silk 
(if you are in Indonesia here's a legit link for you http://goo.gl/mzP0e and if you're in the states/UK you can also get them from EBAY/amazon or online webstore sells it a lot)