Saturday, March 16, 2013

AVENE creme hydratante spf 20 vs LA ROCHE POSAY hydreane legere

I LOVE AVENE. So that pretty much describe the whole point of my review, but why? It has been a while that i use Avene for my daily skin care and i specifically love the Creme hydratante spf20 for the combination skin. I have tried a few numbers of daily moisturizers from the higher end brands such as Dior, Clarins, Clinique, Shiseido etc but nothing really works best as this Avene one it has been a holy grail item for me that i seriously can't live without! First of all, it doesn't contain parabens, second, it has an anti oxydant which is a must in moisturizers, the texture is extremely light on my skin i barely feel any lotion on my face at all. It has that cooling effect when you first apply it, it has very little smell (more like a subtle powder smell, it's quite nice actually) and it has spf 20 so makes it even perfect to use during the day. As you know if you read my previous post, i live in Indonesia where the weather can be ridiculously hot (well, normally is just hot and humid where you can actually feel like you're melting that is so crazy hot!) so it is very crucial to me to have a a nice moisturizer that hydrates and protect my skin without feeling greasy throughout the day as i have a combination skin and i tend to be oily on my t zone. So i always  put this moisturizer as a base for my make up, even when i don't wear make up! The Avene just works like wonders for me! 

Now just recently when i finished my Avene, i was intrigued by the hype of another french pharmacy brand called the La Roche Posay, people seem to rave so much about the Effaclar line especially the Effaclar duo that seem to take care blemish spots really quickly. Since i wasn't having any problems with my skin and i needed to buy a new moisturizer i thought i'd give the hydreane legere from La Roche Posay a go since it is also paraben free. I bought it and the first thing i did when i received it was to smell it, and the scent is way too strong, it lingers a while after i applied it to my face. It has a parfumy kind of smell that most high end skin care brands typically smell like and i'm not fond of that smell. The texture feels a little heavier and creamier than the Avene so later in the day it doesn't really absorb oil on my t zone as well as the Avene. The bottle is 40ml just like the Avene so it finishes just about the same time frame (about two months if i use it constantly). Another down side of the hydreane legere is it doesn't have spf, for the price i think the Avene is still more worth the price since the Avene is a little more expensive (in Indonesia at Avene counter is Rp. 380.000 that's around US$ 39.00 and La Roche posay where i bought it online was for Rp. 171.281 that's around US$ 18.00). Quite disapointed with this product but i'm still curious to try other lines from the La Roche Posay as so many people raved about them, so wait until i get a hold of another La Roche Posay. Nevertheless, i don't think i'm going to finish the hydreane Legere from La Roche Posay as i'm defiinitely going back to my Avene Creme hydratante, although i do have a wish list of moisturizers to try i'm staying loyal to my Avene! What's your favorite moisturizer? please let me know if you have recommendations and leave a comment below! cheers. xx

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