Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chic & Darling x Kelly's The Wrapping Paper Company In Caring for Children with HIV

As an extension of our annual CSR commitment program, around mid-march we had an epiphany to collaborate with a special talent for a special project that was very dear to us. We had the pleasure to work with The Humanity Forum and Lentera Anak Pelangi to help contribute to the caring for children that was diagnosed with HIV in Jakarta. We were lucky enough that we got to also collaborate with a very dear friend and also one of the most rising talent in Indonesia, Kelly's The Wrapping Paper Company

We decided to make two different products for two different use. As (at that time) we were about to launch a tea towel series as part of our "New Kitchen section", so we thought this could also be a fantastic teaser! Greatly inspired by children, yet we wanted to make something that everyone - at all age- can enjoy. We wanted to make something that everyone can relate to, which is dreams and happiness. Despite what these kids are going through, we are motivated and inspired by their strength and fighting spirit. The thought of Lemon and Flamingo just popped out in our mind, but the execution was a little tricky. We are proud that all materials used was safe for all homes and families, screen printed manually into a soft durable absorbent linen using water-based ink. 

We purposely produced the lemon tea towel and flamingo pillow in limited quantity. We launched these products at Market & Museum, June 2014 and it was sold out before we know it. It was truly overwhelming. Now, 40% of the profit has been contributed to these children currently undergoing medication. We would like to thank you to everyone who participated, who shopped, had fun and made use of these wonderful products. Not only you deserved that treat, you have also taken part in a good change. 



Chic & Darling