Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My TOP 5 favorite neutrals

It was only until recently i started to like wearing darker bolder colors, all this time i have been a massive sucker for nude or neutral. I could not pass a lipstick counter without checking out what nude colors they have, bought something, got home and realized that there's a similar only a tad different shade with the one i just impulsively purchased. I just cantttt resist a good neutral shade, what can i do? A girl can never have too many lipsticks right?

From left to right: MAC kinda sexy, YSL fard a levres rouge pur spf 8 number 66, MAC fanfare, MAC cosmo, CHANEL rouge coco mademoiselle 05

So speaking of neutral lipsticks, after struggling to decide which are my extremely TOP 5 among my many neutrals out there, here are my most worn, most loved, most repurchased, most  GO TO neutral shades evverrrr. Here's from left to right according to the most lightest to the darkest neutral is the MAC Kinda Sexy from the cremesheen line which was the best discovery for me around four years ago, at that time i was in search for the perfect pale nude pink lipstick that is not too sheer, quite pigmented but easy to wear. So when i finally found the Kinda Sexy i was ecstatic and wore it almost ALL THE TIME, day and for a night out. The color is build able,  as you know most MAC lipsticks are highly highly pigmented and so is this one but i like to wear it lightly during the day so it gives that clean fresh look to my skin tone and i'll just work it a bit more when i decided to wear it for a night out so the color pops out more. 

The second from the left is my absolute favorite for the evening, it's the The YSL fard a levres rouge pur spf 8 number 66,  this one has a bit more fresh peachy color, i guess it depends on the skin tone, at least it shows a really nice sheer peachy color on me. This one i can say, it's like my lip color but WAAAAY BETTER! If you see the swatches below, the YSL tend to look a bit darker under the sun light but it's actually a lot more lighter on the lips (again, i suppose it really depends on the skin tone), you'll see under shadow it appears reaallllly nice and smooth, it has that romantic look. Like most YSL lipsticks, this one also feel so soft and moisturizing on the lips it barely feels like lipstick. I've been in love with this specific color for almost eight years now and i cant even tell how many time i've repurchased it.

Now move on to the third one in the middle and forth one, it's the MAC fanfare and MAC cosmo. The story behind this pretty pretty thing is i loved my MAC Kinda sexy so much i decided to look for a shade just a little darker, you know just to switch every now and then. So after fiddling and did plenty of swatches in the MAC counter annoying the counter sales (they're mostly always annoyed anyway, not meaning to be cynical here, but seriously, i've been to MAC counters in my country and met rude unfriendly sales unwilling to serve customers who regardless only to browse or to buy, its sad and annoying!), i finally found the perfect ones a shade darker than the MAC Kinda sexy and thought immediately this was going to be my new go to and i'm still loving it until now!The difference is the MAC fanfare is almost similar to the Kinda Sexy but just a tad pink darker, while the MAC Cosmo is more  of a light brownish pink, nice for an everyday!

The last one is the CHANEL coco rouge mademoiselle in number 05 which my husband bought for me, i have to say i don't wear this one as much as the other four but on a special occasion where i feel like dressing up a bit during the day but don't want to overdo it, i'd go for this color. This color is more to a darker peach brownish tone if that makes sense, it gives that sophisticated look if worn under a subtle make up. So that's my TOP 5 neutrals! Thank's for reading love! xx

Below is the swatches in direct morning sunlight

 From left to right: MAC kinda sexy, YSL fard a levres rouge pur spf 8 number 66, MAC fanfare, MAC Cosmo, CHANEL rouge coco mademoiselle 05

Below is the swatches under the shadow

From left to right: MAC kinda sexy, YSL fard a levres rouge pur spf 8 number 66, MAC fanfare, MAC Cosmo, CHANEL rouge coco mademoiselle 05

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2. YSL fard a levres rouge pur spf 8 number 66 
3. MAC fanfare
4. MAC Cosmo
5. CHANEL rouge coco mademoiselle 05