Thursday, February 14, 2013

The 2012 biggest beauty discovery

HANDS DOWN, this is definitely one of my biggest, wait, let me correct that, THE BIGGEST beauty discovery in 2012. It all started around mid year of 2012 where i stumbled upon this brand from Greece called KORRES. The first thing that caught my attention was the mango butter lip balms which I LOVE (my favorite is in the wild rose and pomegranate) and then i started doing some more research on their brand like their mission background and stuff. Turns out i fell in love with it deeper knowing the ingredients they use and their philosophy. Speaking of ingredients, a little background i must share that during my 'new phase of new addiction' i was also obsessed on switching to natural/organic products that is also paraben free. So, when i found KORRES and started learning about their products, it was just like THIS IS IT. The lip balms were the first products i tried (i will post another review on them!) and then their body care is also great its one of their best sellers. But not until i was curious to try their mineral foundation which i thought would probably be'so-so', at that time i was loving my bare minerals matte but then i decided to give it a go. By the way unfortunately we don't have a KORRES store in my country, hopefully soon though!, so i had to order KORRES online (through id.strawberry or sometimes amazon). The first time i tried to apply this to my face i used the real techniques brush and i didn't have high expectations BUT to my surprise the texture feels so light and it glides in my skin so well. The most amazing thing it gives a natural flawless look with a medium coverage (which is perfect for me, but it is buildable!). I was like. whoaa...this isn't what i expected. It is just the perfect powder foundation especially living in tropical weather where you can feel cakey wearing make up because of the sweat and humidity during the day. KORRES mineral foundation is such a breath of fresh air, not only it is much cheaper than the bare minerals, it is 100% natural. Currently i am hooked with everything about KORRES, and at the moment their mineral foundation is my go to foundation if i feel like dressing up a little (i don't normally wear foundation on a daily basis i think i am just blessed i don't have a reason to cover so much). If you are looking for a lightweight sheer foundation then you should definitely give this baby a try, because for me, KORRES, you really rock my world! 

check out their official website:
note: sephora also carry them (not sephora singapore though such a shame!)

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